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Andy is asking for ideal web teams. I left my short answer in the comments but here’s my view, in a bit longer format.

  • Sales / Project Manager and Office Manager. For the way I operate and the type of project I want to do, it’s more a networking and connection type of thing than actual sales so no need for both a manager and a salesperson.
  • User Experience Designer
  • Front End Designer/Developer. Although for me specifically, since I can do both I might fold the UE and front end into one and look for a similar person to do the same and split the work.
  • Back End Developer
  • The 5th person would be a mix of a freelance content writer and “flashier” designer. Each called in when needed. Since most standards compliant designers (myself included) go for the clean – lean – light type of design, when you need something with more punch and/or Flash, you need someone else.

    It’s all hypothetical though since I’m not really looking to setup and actual agency. A more collaborative approach with independants calling on each other. Possibly with a common inexpensive office since I’d still like to work from anywhere.

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