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I don’t really follow stats anymore, I use Technorati (now that it sucks less) to see who’s linking me so I can respond and compare total page views month on month to see progression but that’s about it. All of that to say that I don’t check my Feedburner numbers all that often, last time was probably around christmas. That’s how I was able to notice that my subscriber numbers since then have risen more than 30%!! In a month and a half!

I’m guessing it’s a mix of reasons, more people using RSS feeds for one but the main reason is probably the first 45 Nord and the recent increase in numbers at Yulblog, a lot of linking occurs then and I’m sure a number of people discover new blogs that way. It could also come from Austin who’s linked me a few times, we have a number of similar subject matters and I think he’s already got some good readership numbers so maybe the new readers come from him.

If you’ve recently subscribed and remember how you got here, I’d appreciate a comment pointing out the source. Thx.

Are the new readers gone yet?

[Updated Feb. 20th] I noticed it just in time, 2 days later the subscriptions jumped another 25% when Google gave access to their numbers and Feedburner was able to compile individual readers.

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