That Whole Bathwater Thing

This is something I’ve thought of on and off for a while, sometimes after comments from Karl and last time when that whole four things meme was going on. I found it funny, disapointing and just this side of pissing me off that people would show no shame in listing bad movies as “movies I can watch over and over” but then feel the need to say “I don’t watch tv” when they got to “Four tv shows I love”. WTF? Watching a 2 hours crap movie is ok but you can’t (or won’t admit to) watch tv? Come, on!

It’s also weird to me that I get compliments and “I wish I’d do that”s when I list the books I read in 2005 but hear a variety of critiques of tv when mentioning Lost. I’m not sure I understand how books are great (which they are) even though there are Fabio covered romance novels out there but tv is crap because The Simple Life is produced.

Interesting that one is beloved despite something and the other reviled because of a similar example of crapulence. The same thing happened a number of times with blogs (just this last week in Montréal with the Nuovo incident [fr]). The “journalist” dumps all blogs because some are shit. I haven’t read his article and there might be a hole in my associating those things together but one thing remains, people notice crap in some setting and dump the whole setting, good and bad together.

There are tv shows that have more production value and/or talented writing than 10 hollywood blockbusters. There are books that can change your life and some not worth the paper they are printed on. Some superb reporting in papers and some papers you use to line birdcages (allo Franco).

I’m sure some are thinking “of course Patrick, it’s always been like that”. Yes, it has. Still pisses me off and should still stop. So just to keep reminding people:

  • Blogs are a way to publish, some are good some are bad.
  • Books are a way to publish, some are good some are bad.

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