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Sentiers No.28

Like-hearted. Macron. Half life of knowledge. Scifi. Dockless vehicles.

Hello and welcome back, last week was likely the last break for a little while, thanks for sticking around. I’m hoping to keep thinking about the first item below and blog (or even launch) something in that area. Although what I’m writing is still pretty blurry, do hit reply and share your thoughts or links […]

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Sentiers No.27

Facebook. Fixes. Centaurs. Half a planet. China.

I’m not sure yet how the Easter long weekend will turn out with travel or not so I’m not sure if No.28 will get to you then or later. However, I’m really intent on not talking about Facebook as much as in this issue. Promise. ✕ Facebook 💩 12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech […]

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Sentiers No.26

Hawking. B.A.S.A.A.P. Blogging. Berners-Lee. Cambridge Analytica. NatGeo.

Welcome back, I hope you used this short break to catch up on other newsletters. Quick question: I (mostly) prepare these things on Friday afternoon, should I send it on Fridays when ready or stick with noon(ish) on Sundays? — Sharing https://tinyletter.com/sentiers on social or forwarding is much appreciated, thanks! ✕ RIP Stephen Hawking By the time […]

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Sentiers No.25

Laser focus, Dynamicland, Palantir, Dutch cities, Chinese innovation, and a crazy arctic

Next week is “spring break” over here and I’m taking the week off so No.26 will either be super short, or pushed back a week. Sharing https://tinyletter.com/sentiers on social or forwarding is much appreciated, thanks in advance! ✕ The Art of Laser Focus Over the last few years, the idea of digital as material has surfaced a few times, […]

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Sentiers No.24

Decentralization, cities, data, Kottke, wood, and zone rouge

Thanks to everyone who reached out this week with super positive feedback, I’m especially interested in knowing what you like / are most interested in, and welcome to the new subscribers. If you enjoy this newsletter, don’t hesitate to share broadly by forwarding or talking about it on social networks. Thanks in advance! ✕ Why Decentralization […]

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Sentiers No.23

Cities, Black Panther, geoengineering, 30-hour work weeks, and transport

Sorry for the late arrival of this issue, a weekend away and meeting friends on Friday have pushed back the assembling and writing. I’ll also note that I’m quite hopeful we can use technology to help us have more livable cities, the articles below happen to be quite questioning of much of the current offerings. […]

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Sentiers No.22

SpaceX, lots of Churn, urban villages, magazine stacks, RIP JPB

A very “churn heavy” issue this week with lots of dystopic symptoms. Sweet dreams! (Note that for most of these articles, the technology depicted is super interesting, the implementation usually doesn’t pay enough intention to the implications. Akin to programming AIs with biased data used without serious enough forethought.) Saw The Last Jedi yesterday. Wasn’t all that […]

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Sentiers No.21

Post-work, privacy, dockless bikes, CDC, plastics, and nice galleries

Had a lovely time working from a public library yesterday, nice change from hipster third wave places (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Give that a try. All sharing to friends is appreciated! If you were forwarded this email, subscribe here. ✕ Post-work: the radical idea of a world without jobs Good piece but, like anything that mentions […]

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Sentiers No.20

Ursula K. Le Guin, Lanier, AI, Luddites, Cities

Feedback is always appreciated but this week I have a small request; it’s always a challenge to decide exactly which articles to feature more, which to discard so this newsletter remains readable, and which to include only as links. If you have opinions on things I spend too much time on or pieces you would […]

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Sentiers No.19

Free speech, Facebook, cities, hip hop photographers, solutionism, history, and Allen

This one starts social media (FB) heavy, sorry about that. Good articles though and lots of other excellent stuff further down. It’s the longest issue yet, I’m pretty much done catching up with holiday readings and will get back to the slightly shorter usual. Welcome to all the new subscribers sent from the Thames Delta. ✕ […]

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Buckminster Fuller and his domed city design, image by Steve Yelvington (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Sentiers No.18

Talk loudly, cities, history, the firm, geekery, drones and dolphins

Hello again, I hope you had a good holiday break. I’ve managed to get back into the habit of checking RSS again (!!) and I’m hoping to re-reduce my Twitter reading so if you think this week there are too many links to Twitter threads, you’re right and it’s possibly the last time that happens. […]

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Sentiers No.17

Magic Leap. AI Fear. Future of Work. A Black Wolf. Short Stories.

A day early for this last Sentiers of 2017. In the end I decided to write a normal issue and skip next week, and possibly the one after. I’ll ‘see’ you on the 7th or 14th of January. Happy Holidays! ✕ SpaceX Last minute add: SpaceX launch wowed many, scared some, in SoCal last night. ✕ […]

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Sentiers No.16

Blockchain and a low waste society. Toxic entitlement. Working less. CCTV in China. Journalism.

I’m not planning on talking about Bitcoin/blockchain all the time but the current price and worries around energy consumption are also surfacing interesting discussions. So, more blockchain in this issue with Vinay Gupta and some pretty mind blowing ideas. There’s an “Updates” section at the bottom with news on topics covered previously. Finally, the next two issues would normally […]

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Sentiers No.15

Commons (and a dying internet), strength, history, scifi, Bitcoin, Eudamonia machine

No real intro this week because, oops, after the shortest issue ever here’s the longest. ✕ The Commons To Oppose The Churn Q&A: Yochai Benkler on the Benefits of an Open Source Economic System The brilliant Benkler on the potential of the commons as a way to organize our world, the only real option to […]

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Sentiers No.14

Ku, Mesopotamia, utopian dreams, books, pivoting to readers, and slaughterbots

This issue randomly ended up as more focused on physical and/or the past, with great threads of historical topics, a Media section, and a Print section with books and bookstores. It’s also a bit shorter, do hit reply and tell me what you think. ✕ MUJI’s design philosophy is emptiness, not minimalism Ku is not a poverty or absence of ideas […]

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