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The Moral Ferocity of Eating Animals

But if you still eat meat from factories—and, Foer reports, 99 percent of meat eaten in the U.S. is raised and/or processed in factory operations—you have not, by definition, absorbed the reality of factory farms. If you truly understood the nightmarish brutality of what happens inside these windowless animal jails and abattoirs that dot the […]

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World Leaders: stop the food crisis

We’ve plunged into a world food crisis—soaring crop prices sowing inflation and squeezing households round the world, 100 million more facing starvation and food riots flaring from Egypt to Bangladesh. In Sierra Leone alone rice prices have doubled, leaving 90% of the country unable to provide food for their family—so we’re joining with their foreign […]

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Sachs on Rose

Great interview; Jeffrey Sachs on Charlie Rose. Damned Google Video won’t load the whole thing so I’m not sure how it ends but lots of good stuff in there still. (via Jon)

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