Firefox, We’re Almost There

It’s only one source and browser stats commonly vary quite a bit site to site but still, in terms of trends these numbers are interesting. Webmonkey reports that for W3Schools, Firefox is at 42.6% market share, within striking distance of IE. Actually, it’s the leading browser by quite a margin if you take versions separately, IE leads when 6 and 7 are taken together. Sometime around mid 2009 we should see IE6 below 10% and maybe drop it for good at the end of the same year. At that point we’ll have fully adopted modern browsers. Now if only they’d keep advancing with CSS version implementations…

Truly Modern Browsers Focus

After having read it it seems kind of obvious but I had to make a note here. I think it’s a brilliant insight and although many designers have embraced this—dropping IE—for their blog designs, it’s a move that hasn’t been taken up yet elsewhere:

Yes, none of this stuff works in IE, and IE still has massive market share — but not among the sort of people who adopt hip new web apps. The combined market share for, say, Firefox 3 and Safari 3 is larger than the overall market share for Mac OS X. Plenty of developers write desktop software that only works on the Mac — why aren’t more people writing web apps that only work in truly modern web browsers? The first one to do it is going to be a sensation.—WWDC 2008 Miscellany

(emphasis mine)