iPhone API

I’m pretty late on this but I’m posting anyway, Apple released their iPhone API and looks fantastic. I’m sure there are a few issues for actual developers but from my point of view of user and non programmer but interested in apps, it seems very very cool. Looking forward to lots of great apps.

March 17th, 2008

MacBook Air Haters: Suck My Dick

I’ve read journalists complain that you can’t get at the hard drive in the MacBook Air. What? I have no fucking idea where the hard drive is in my MacBook Pro, and even if you drew me a damn diagram with labels and numbers and gave me a replacement drive I wouldn’t open my machine even in exchange for a year with Zooey Deschanel. Ok, yes I would, but you get my point. I’m sorry, Zooey, I didn’t mean it, baby.—MacBook Air Haters: Suck My Dick

February 21st, 2008

The Future Of Apple Is In 1960s Braun

When you look at the Braun products by Dieter Rams—many of them at New York’s MoMA—and compare them to Ive’s work at Apple, you can clearly see the similarities in their philosophies way beyond the sparse use of color, the selection of materials and how the products are shaped around the function with no artificial design, keeping the design “honest.”—The Future Of Apple Is In 1960s Braun

January 17th, 2008

Some Apple News

Apple announcements galore today.

First, the best news of the day, iPhone SDK coming (I’m linking the index page because for some incredibly stupid reason, Apple doesn’t use permalinks):

Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on the iPhone, and we plan to have an SDK in developers’ hands in February. We are excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community around the iPhone and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users. With our revolutionary multi-touch interface, powerful hardware and advanced software architecture, we believe we have created the best mobile platform ever for developers.—Third Party Applications on the iPhone

[Update] Gruber archived a permalinkable copy of the text.

In the very interesting department, unlocked french iPhones are coming!

The Apple iPhone will be sold in France by Orange, which is owned by the dominant telephone company, France Télécom, for €399 ($560). And since French law bans phones being locked to a network for more than six months, Orange will also sell an unlocked version, reports International Herald Tribune. However, Orange spokesman Béatrice Mandrine declined to reveal the price when unlocked.—Official unlocked iPhones will be sold in France

Too bad they’re selling for roughly $160 more than in the US (and that’s locked), I’d be looking for someone going to Paris to pick one up for me.

Nettwerk with no DRM on iTunes:

Apple® today announced that it has expanded its iTunes® Plus offering to over two million tracks and lowered the price of all iTunes Plus tracks to just 99 cents. All iTunes Plus tracks feature DRM-free music with high quality 256 kbps AAC encoding for audio quality virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings (www.itunes.com). The iTunes Plus catalog is now the largest DRM-free catalog in the world, and includes artists from Sub Pop, Nettwerk, Beggars Group, IODA, The Orchard and many others, along with EMI’s digital catalog.—iTunes Plus Now Offers Over Two Million Tracks at Just 99 Cents

Not an announcement but:

In comparison, Apple has seen a 37.2% increase in growth over the same period. As a result, Apple’s individual marketshare has grown from 6.2% to 8.1% year-over-year.—Apple’s 3rd Quarter 2007 U.S. Marketshare Up to 8.1%

October 17th, 2007

New iPods and touch

So Apple held a little event and launched a bunch of new iPods. My thoughts:

  • Although in pics they look like shit, the new iPod nanos are actually not that bad in person (where “in person” means on video in the keynote and in the ads). The pictures look photoshopped or rendered or something and the colors suck. Better in the ads but they still look unworthy of Ive design imho.

  • The iPod touch is fantastic at first glance but: no email?? WTF Steve? W effing TF man. Also, no maps and no camera. I know it’s supposed to be an iPod, not a phone or PDA but come on, once you’ve put the Wifi and Safari, got all the way buddy. 8mm thin though? Impressive.

  • iTunes Wifi store is kinda cool, I’m surprised it wasn’t out right away when the iPhone came out.

  • WOW on the iPhone price cut. I actually said “wow” out loud as I was watching the keynote. At that price I think I’ll get one as soon as there’s a truly proven, on sale, reliable hack out. Fuck Rogers and their possibly upcoming selling of it.

September 8th, 2007

iPhone Unlocked

So the iPhone has been completely unlocked and can seemingly be used on any compatible network. Of course here it still would mean Rogers and no good data plan and for me having to cancel my Fido account so still no go.

August 24th, 2007