Station C in The Gazette

Station C is in the Gazette today, page B3 with a picture and everything. I think I have to review how I open up and/or present things better though, not quite how I wanted to put it Seems I’m an ass and it’s fine. (Station C online in The Gazette)

  1. Quand on donne une entrevue, on est jamais satisfait complètement du résultat, mais crois-moi, c’est très bon. En plus, Daniel et toi avez l’air à l’avant-garde des tendances en matière de travail… C’est pas pire pantoute ;)

  2. “Accelerated Serendipity” vaut son pesant d’or à lui tout seul! :)

  3. yeah, i agree, the dude wrote you in as being kind of abrupt or whatever. but it’s all good, there’s no such thing as bad press.

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