Shumi Parks His Fairplay

I liked Michael Schumacher for all of one Grandprix, his first. He was with Jordan at Spa and qualified 7th, very high for such a young team. Next race he showed his loyalty and had already moved on to Benetton. The rest of his career would go the same way; outstanding talent backed by no sense of honor or fairplay whatsoever.

This weekend in Monaco he faked an error and left his car parked in a way that prevented others, including Alonso on a pole setting pace, from finishing their last qualifying lap. Surprisingly, considering some stuff he’s gotten away with in the past, the race stewards stripped him of his pole and he started from the back.

The BBC has a rundown of some of the crap he’s pulled in the past as well as some of the reactions from other drivers. The best one is by Mark Webber;

I just feel you don’t have to do this stuff. Why does it always have to happen? It’s like Mike Tyson biting someone’s ear off, isn’t it?

Exactly. Kind of like Bonds in baseball too. This latest and all the other events teint everything he’s done, every record he’s piled. One can only hope that the near unanimous condemnation finally drives him to retirement.

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