Plateau Commons Where Are Thee?

There are a couple of web oriented companies I follow and respect, even admire. 37 Signals (who just got Backpack out today, more on it later) and Adaptive Path always come to mind first. I think I’ll have to add Silver Orange to that list.

Not only are those guys canadian, they also stick to their roots and produce award winning software from Charlottetown P.E.I.. They also redesigned and one of their guys produces a great radio show.

And, they also started a project* which is the reason for this post; The Queen Street Commons. I’ve mentioned work clubs before and discussed similar ideas with others, including on Mike’s blog (also here where Seb mentioned the Commons first). I still believe a project thought out as an “add on” to a café would be the best way to go but the Commons project is fantastic. A whole house renovated to serve as a workclub, shared expenses, low monthly fees, coop like workings. F*cking awesome.

I wonder what kind of expenses would be required to start something like that around here? It would probably be cheaper in some kind of loft in a less central place but I’m writing this in Laîka right now and I can’t help but imagine the new section 2-3 times bigger, reserved for members, a couple of meeting rooms around back, lockers, etc. Something like the 2nd floor of Le Réservoir wouldn’t be half bad either, reworked some ;). Too late for those places but I’m sure there are other spots just begging for such a project.

*The Commons is not a Silver Orange project but some of their people are leading the thing.

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