Two things come to mind when looking at the new Paragraph workspace for writers.

  1. Niiiiiice. I wan’t one of those here but, you know, not just for writers.
  1. Martine will be drooling.


Martine September 15, 2005

Someone has a bib?

Seriously though, I wonder if I’d be able to be creative in such a tiny cublicle. And I’d need a window. And a foot massage every two hours.

John September 15, 2005

I like the TARDIS sound – “SKRAAANK-SKRAAANK” from Doctor Who.

And the big “THUMP!” from Lost.

John September 15, 2005

Okay that comment is the wrong post.


Patrick September 15, 2005

Hehe. Post it in the right one and I’ll delete the one here ;)

Julie September 16, 2005

I agree with Martine: it’s a good-looking space but the cubicles look like the UQAM library. A better option would be to fund a quiet room in a good-looking loft for all authors! ;-)

karl September 18, 2005

Comme Martine, I would prefer something with a window. Le petit espace is not the issue, but a window on the greenery definitely.
Un autre problème I hate to have les gens in my back. So if au moins, il n’y a pas de windows, I don’t want to have my back exposed to unknown eyes.

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