October Be Gone!

Looking forward to the end of October. So far (and hopefully a complete list by now) :

  • Marie-Claude’s office was broken into (they didn’t manage to finish the job though so nothing stolen).
  • Car was busted into. No damage and nothing stolen thankfully, seems they were looking for laptops.
  • Apartment above almost went up in flames (so would have included us) because the smoking neighbour set the balcony on fire.
  • Busted pipe downstairs required repairs, small flood in that neighbour’s (condo) basement.
  • Front of car ripped off by a delivery van while calmly parked on a sidestreet (we weren’t around).
  • Last night I drowned my iPhone in coffee, it’s currently drying out, we’ll see if it survives. Not covered by warranty so it could get expensive.
  • The fence in front got knocked down this afternoon by a neighbour backing up his pickup on the sidewalk to deliver something. The whole ugly thing was made of cement so the entire contraption is down, will have to be replaced / rebuilt.
  • Minutes ago, lost the one and only filling I had, on a back tooth. With four days left before NY I’ll have to find an apointment quickly, could also get expensive quickly.
  • Dollar (ok, that one’s not truely related to us) went down 20% just before a trip to the US.
  • Fucking Harper won.

Yeah, looking forward to November.

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