New iPods and touch

So Apple held a little event and launched a bunch of new iPods. My thoughts:

  • Although in pics they look like shit, the new iPod nanos are actually not that bad in person (where “in person” means on video in the keynote and in the ads). The pictures look photoshopped or rendered or something and the colors suck. Better in the ads but they still look unworthy of Ive design imho.
  • The iPod touch is fantastic at first glance but: no email?? WTF Steve? W effing TF man. Also, no maps and no camera. I know it’s supposed to be an iPod, not a phone or PDA but come on, once you’ve put the Wifi and Safari, got all the way buddy. 8mm thin though? Impressive.
  • iTunes Wifi store is kinda cool, I’m surprised it wasn’t out right away when the iPhone came out.
  • WOW on the iPhone price cut. I actually said “wow” out loud as I was watching the keynote. At that price I think I’ll get one as soon as there’s a truly proven, on sale, reliable hack out. Fuck Rogers and their possibly upcoming selling of it.


andre September 8, 2007

But Rogers has the only GSM network out here. You’d have to wait for the European versions.

Patrick September 8, 2007

I’m with Fido and they are also GSM. I don’t think the european versions will be on something else than GSM either.

Besides, even if I have to switch to Rogers, doesn’t mean I have to wait for them to wake up and agree with whatever Jobs is asking for, I can just use it as a normal phone plus wifi, browser, mail, etc.

Bosko September 16, 2007

You can get the iPhone now. With the software hack released a few days ago, it’s easy to unlock. My fido SIM worked fine in it after the unlock.

Patrick September 24, 2007

Excellent news! You bought one from an Apple Store in the US or you ordered it somewhere?

Bosko October 1, 2007

we ordered some via offices in the US

i’m just playing with it now and let me tell you: the fact that the ipod touch doesn’t have email is not that big of a deal b/c the email support on the iphone in general is the worst i’ve ever seen.

overall, i’m pretty disappointed with the device. i think the endgadget review ( really nails all the issues well so i won’t repeat them here; but really, as far as email is concerned, this device is unusable. not only is exchange integration inexistent, but the gmail client sucks worse than any other (even POP-based) client i’ve ever seen; no labels, delays, etc.

the keyboard also sucks. in safari you can turn it horizontally then it’s a little bigger and better, but everywhere else it’s hella annoying to use.

anyway, i was really rooting for the iphone, but sorry to say it’s just not ready for professional use. :-(

Bosko October 1, 2007

p.s. the two best things about it, though: youtube and facebook apps

Patrick October 1, 2007

How long have you had it? According to pretty much all reviews you need to give it a week or two to get used to the keyboard.

I couldn’t care less about exchange and I don’t use Gmail ;)

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