New iPods and touch

So Apple held a little event and launched a bunch of new iPods. My thoughts:

  • Although in pics they look like shit, the new iPod nanos are actually not that bad in person (where “in person” means on video in the keynote and in the ads). The pictures look photoshopped or rendered or something and the colors suck. Better in the ads but they still look unworthy of Ive design imho.
  • The iPod touch is fantastic at first glance but: no email?? WTF Steve? W effing TF man. Also, no maps and no camera. I know it’s supposed to be an iPod, not a phone or PDA but come on, once you’ve put the Wifi and Safari, got all the way buddy. 8mm thin though? Impressive.
  • iTunes Wifi store is kinda cool, I’m surprised it wasn’t out right away when the iPhone came out.
  • WOW on the iPhone price cut. I actually said “wow” out loud as I was watching the keynote. At that price I think I’ll get one as soon as there’s a truly proven, on sale, reliable hack out. Fuck Rogers and their possibly upcoming selling of it.

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