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I realized this morning when posting about the iPhone that I hadn’t posted in 8 days!! That would partially explain why so much local stuff has happened that I haven’t posted about. That and the fact people are doing lots of cool shit.

Pecha Kucha

Or, as I like to call it, Chupacabra. Boris and James organized the first ever Montréal Pecha Kucha and it was excellent. Really really good stuff and a different crowd than what I’ve been around recently. I don’t think anything was boring but especially good were Phil Fish for his general mirth, Matt for his perfect timing and “Europe, where history comes from”. Especially fascinating projects were Akemi Tazeki with her soft interface exploration—the fact it was a school project brought on a very rare “maybe I should have gone to university” moment for me—and Haig Djambazian ’s robots. Looking forward to the next one.

How data will save the world

Hugh posted is superb presentation, how data will save the world, hopefully I’ll get to see it presented live at some point but the slides are a good read in themselves.


In the same vein, the same hyperactive Hugh launched datalibre.ca a blog about a very important issue; urging governments to make data about canada and canadians free and accessible to citizens. It’s funny that he would post the fabulous Hans Rosling talk from last year because just a few minutes ago while having lunch I watched the no less impressive Rosling talk of 2007, awesome speaker and a heck of a closing.

What Is Net Neutrality?

Another hyperactive one, Michael is part of the team that launched whatisnetneutrality.ca, another important project that aims to demystify a huge issue that is largely misunderstood and certainly not covered enough (or well at any rate) in Canadian media.

Top Web Apps in Canada

Our own Heri wrote a nice piece on Read/Write Web covering Top Web Apps in Canada. It’s not directly “local” but Hugh’s (him again!) Librivox, Evan and Maj’s Wikitravel, Mark’s I love to play, Carl’s Ajaxwhois as well as Ben and Fred’s Standoutjobs and Kakiloc (half Montréal based) were all mentioned, good visibility. Akoha probably should have been mentioned too.


And finally Defensio, a new and so far very impressive spam plugin for WordPress was beta launched yesterday by the same Carl mentioned above and Mat.

  1. very important to note that datalibre.ca is meant to be a group blog, so I do hope others interested in this issue will come on board.

    i have been, er, criticized for not trying to get more buy-in before the launch, but my philosophy seems to be “launch it, and let it evolve,” which has worked on some things but not on others.

  2. Good roundup of local happenings Patrick, and thanks for the pointer to the stuff Carl and I are working on.

    Not sure I agree about including Akoha in the “Top Canadian Web Apps” piece though. Of course, it has much buzz, and from the little I know it sounds like a valuable concept, but it can hardly yet be called an “application”…

    Props to Heri for putting that piece together – it’s always good to remind ourselves, and everyone, that innovation will flourish wherever, and whenever it can. It just so happens that a goodly amount is happening north of The border these days. Fun to be a part of the wave…

  3. re Akoha: I was thinking it should have been included alonside Standoutjobs (Gamma / research / mission stage) and Kakiloc (early beta) not in the actual apps list but I didn’t make that clear. Oups.

  4. I would have mentionned akoha in the upcoming apps, near standoutjobs and kakiloc if I had a hint of the service is. Even Austin Hill doesn’t even describe what akoha is and he doesn’t publicize it.

    I also hope Pecha Kucha will have another edition. good for the design community (like barcamps)

  5. Good point. I know what it is so I kind of forget Austin hasn’t been publicizing much.

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