I Made It Into Harvard!

Well, my templates did. I gave a hand to Boris via his Helppush structure and produced 9 (actually 3 in 3 color schemes each) WordPress themes for use by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. Fun project and fun to say; “I worked on some stuff for Harvard” ;). Since I don’t know which blog is using which and they can change easily, here are a few partial screenshots instead.

That was a few weeks ago, since then, as I’ve mentioned before, we launched the new P45 site.

I also just launched a new site yesterday, a pretty international project. People here in Montréal, “Skyping” with others in Chile, the company based in Boulder, Colorado and activities in Turin, Italy. I hate to say that but I’m not linking it, officially I designed it but it’s been “committeed” to inches of it’s life so I’m keeping it to myself.

The whole thing is in Drupal which was my second medium sized project with that platform in 2006. Some good things but mostly disapointed, ran into a lot more hurdles than I should have. A few because of my limited programming ability but really, when using a platform, you shouldn’t need to know how to SSH onto a server, login to a database and go play around in it for things to work (just one example). What I learned there will lead in part to two posts I have in mind.

Finally, in the “recently completed” category; Île Sans Fil installed part of a new frontend for the captive portal used with their hotspots so if you log in one, you’ll see some of my stuff. Some of the new things aren’t there yet and some of the old are still patched in so it’s not our real “vision’ (how’s that for pretentious?) but it’s coming along nicely. I hope I’m not unveiling anything secret by showing this template I’d delivered.

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