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I ment to post about this when I got them but forgot. Anyway, this guy ordered a shirt from Veer, it shrunk and he reviews his support emails for us (nice domain name). It matches my experience with them. Superb.

First, I browsed through the site, chose 2 and started completing the order when I was informed one of tshirts wasn’t in stock. Since I didn’t want to pay for the shipping on only one shirt I gave up and closed the browser tab. 2 days later I got an email from them (I was logged in when browsing the site) saying the missing shirt was in stock and including a link back to the shopping cart. Sweeeeet.

I completed the order on a sunday night (US company) and got both tshirts the following Wednesday (in Canada). Sweeet again. They were packed in a cool bag and included a nice envelope and well designed catalog. Great job. I’m not a big fan of American Apparel Ts but I’m still super happy with these two.

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