Face to Face Ripping

I really hope Stephen Colbert doesn’t get killed in a deer hunting accident in the next few weeks, it would look suspicious within days of him ripping president Bush a new one face to face (torrent, go to about 50:20) at the White House Press Corp dinner. Wow. He basically said everything they’ve been saying on his show and on The Daily Show but to their faces. Balls. Ginornous balls.


vanou April 30, 2006

When I watched it, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… I really thought he was going to be escorted out at some point… Approval Ratings, Rumsfeld, Iraq, New Orleans… Damn he’s got balls.

Boris Anthony May 1, 2006

I haven’t been able to watch it yet. I downloaded it earlier .. started watching.. clicked ahead to where Colbert starts and.. a wave of giddy anxiety and foreboding of horror made me stop it. I know he makes it out alive, I don’t know what he says.. but I just now it will be delightfully nasty. And I will cry for joy.

Maybe later, with a drink.

Martine May 1, 2006

Yowser indeed. While I was watching I kept wondering how Colbert felt during the presentation and… the night before. I would have been scared to death. No matter how right he was (and how funny), it must have been incredibly nerve-racking. Seemed like no one was on his side and the journalists were just giggling nervously. And he managed to not even look nervous… He’s really something.

Hoedic May 1, 2006

This really made me feel like the TV show of Gordon (played by Stephen Fry) in V for Vendetta. Gordon ends in jail where he gets murdered…

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