European Geography

Quick little Flash geography test. Pretty cool. I got 84% in 337 seconds.


aj June 8, 2005

86% in 279 seconds.

Those little principalities and islands tripped me up. Got everything else, though…

blork June 9, 2005

Yeah, I got tripped up on a few of those too (but I got a few right!) Stupidly, I got Luxembourg and Leichenstein mixed up. D’oh.

77% in 293 seconds. Average error: 91 miles.

Patrick June 9, 2005

I hadn’t even noticed the “average error”. Too bad. I actually had problems with the eastern countries more than the principalities. Except for Andorra, which is pretty hard without France and Spain to figure the border.

vanou June 9, 2005

82% in 206 seconds, average error 0 miles…
those little principalities! damn them…

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