Coke Scam

Do you know why Americans drink so much Coke? It’s the only frickin’ button that works on the god damned machines!! Here at the conference I’ve just tried my 3rd automated Coke machine of the trip, trying to get a bottle of Dasani, in each and every case no water comes out and it won’t give me my change back so I have to buy a Coke can. One is still in the hotel mini fridge, one was given and I just dumped the other in the recycling bin after two gulps. Crap. Crap. Crap.


Michel March 13, 2006

Um, you’re in Austin. Texas.
You should be drinking Dr. Pepper.

Patrick March 14, 2006

Didn’t know there was a link between Dr.Pepper and Austin…

Julie March 14, 2006

Sounds like when I went to Cuba! They made the “Cuba Libres” (basically, rhum and coke, with very very good rhum) with more rhum than coke ‘cause it costs less there! I guess coke is cheaper in the US than water! ;-)

karl March 14, 2006

I found it funny, disapointing and just this side of pissing me off that people would show no shame in listing bad wine as “wine I can drink over and over” but then feel the need to say “I don’t drink coke” when they got to “Four drinks I love”. WTF? Drinking a bottle crap wine is ok but you can’t (or won’t admit to) drink coke? Come, on!

Patrick March 14, 2006

Mouahahahah. Very good recycling of my post Karl. I drink Coke often with lunch or something. It’s no good for rehydrating after a number of beers and rhum and…. Coke, or vodak limes and/or shots. Water is needed so I like to be able to get it when it’s shown on the machine :-p

Michel March 15, 2006

My bad, Dr. Pepper is from Waco, and not Austin. Then again, one butt-fuck Texas town is pretty much the same as the next.

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