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Apple Car

It seems to be pretty much a done deal that Apple is working on a car and signs are pointing to something coming out in 2019. I haven’t paid that much attention to it but around the types of topics I’m interested in it’s pretty hard to not at least catch a glimpse of the […]

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Weird Standards

For the last few years, when drinking coffee I’ve gone from mostly drinking lattes to mostly drinking “allongés” (long espressos). In that post latte phase, I didn’t pay attention much to foam / steamed milk density, quantity, and type. Things that 3rd wave coffee shops (where most of my coffee drinking occurs) are a bit […]

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They Pull Me Back In Again

I’m writing this later than usual because I’ve been setting up my new iPhone 7. For the last two and a half years I was using a Nexus 5 with Android and liked it quite a bit, I had no real issues with it, other than the kind of shit camera, which is especially annoying […]

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Life Timeline

I’ve had this idle thought in the back of my mind for a few weeks. Haven’t thought of it that much and I’ve certainly done no research but it’s come to mind regularly; a “life timeline app.” Kind of like those historical timelines where you see periods, how they overlap, when medieval times end, when […]

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85 Days

A couple of weeks ago I read an article by Jory MacKay about what he was going to do with the last 99 days of the year. Two of the things he’ll do stood out; writing and mindfulness. Very unoriginal stuff for people who read productivity / creativity kind of blogs but still, very appropriate […]

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