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Recently In The Churn

Or the new normal, the jackpot, super density. The GOP candidate for President of the USA says he won’t recognize the result of the election. Terrorists used a drone to film their attack on an Afghan army base. Hackers used millions of appliances to take down a huge chunk of the internet. Google becomes even […]

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The problem with trying to write every day is that you need something to write about. Yes, technically people doing such a method usually say to just “sit and write” but I’m not trying to get in the habit of journaling [1], I’m trying to get better at writing [2] and restart a blogging habit. […]

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Apple Car

It seems to be pretty much a done deal that Apple is working on a car and signs are pointing to something coming out in 2019. I haven’t paid that much attention to it but around the types of topics I’m interested in it’s pretty hard to not at least catch a glimpse of the […]

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Weird Standards

For the last few years, when drinking coffee I’ve gone from mostly drinking lattes to mostly drinking “allongés” (long espressos). In that post latte phase, I didn’t pay attention much to foam / steamed milk density, quantity, and type. Things that 3rd wave coffee shops (where most of my coffee drinking occurs) are a bit […]

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They Pull Me Back In Again

I’m writing this later than usual because I’ve been setting up my new iPhone 7. For the last two and a half years I was using a Nexus 5 with Android and liked it quite a bit, I had no real issues with it, other than the kind of shit camera, which is especially annoying […]

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