Obsessively curious. Assembling ideas for @e180 and @thealpinereview. Collaborating with clients as Thought Partner.

Commençons doucement avec deux avertissements; premièrement, je n’ai jamais rencontré Alexandre Taillefer mais je l’aime beaucoup. Pour ses projets, son implication, ses valeurs, ses interventions, etc. Même après la mort de son fils, il attache sa tuque et essaie de faire sortir du bien de sa douleur. J’ai hâte qu’il se lance en politique. Secondo; […]

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Crédit photo : la SHED

Hybrid Spaces

A few weeks months ago, following a discussion about when we started Station C and how it had been quite early in the “wave” for that particular type of spaces, my friend Véronique asked me “so what would you start these days?” Spur of the moment and with the flow of conversation, I ended up […]

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Thought Partner

Since working on The Alpine Review in 2012, I’ve been asking myself: how can the research, thinking and curation work we did for this magazine become a viable service offering? There is a lot of value in our observations, research and thoughts, which surely have several more applications. Over coffee, a friend offered the expression, […]

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Partenaire de réflexion

Dès que j’ai commencé à travailler sur l’édition de The Alpine Review en 2012, une question s’est mise à me trotter en tête : comment la recherche, la réflexion et la curation de contenu que nous avons faites pour ce magazine pourraient-elles se transformer en une offre de service viable? Il n’y avait pas de […]

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Recently In The Churn

Or the new normal, the jackpot, super density. The GOP candidate for President of the USA says he won’t recognize the result of the election. Terrorists used a drone to film their attack on an Afghan army base. Hackers used millions of appliances to take down a huge chunk of the internet. Google becomes even […]

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